Compression Tube Fittings


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Compression Tube Fittings

DK-Lok Tube Compression Tube Fittings are designed using industrial codes and specifications with additional Cutting-Edge Engineering on swaging action and sealing integrity. DK-Lok provides excellent leak-free sealing on high-pressure gas, vacuum, impulse, thermal shock, heavy vibration, and many other stringent applications. DK-Lok brings you truly excellent quality, outstanding customer service, and availability.


Minimal Maintenance

Cutting Edge Engineering

High Seal Integrity

Perfect for Gas Applications


DK-Lok Compression Tube Fittings are supplied in numerous materials to satisfy the needs of various applications including on shore oil & gas, refinery, offshore oil& gas, chemical, petrochemical, analytical instrumentation, steel mill, power plant, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, and alternative fuel.

DK-Lok compression tube fittings are designed for a wide range of leak-free applications including gas leak proof and vacuum-tight services. Gases (helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, air, etc.) can escape even the smallest leak-path due to their very tiny molecules. Therefore, there can be no nicks or contamination when manufacturing the compression fittings.


DK-Lok Tube Fittings consist of body, front ferrule, back ferrule, and
nut. The features include:

  • Excellent product range up to 2 in. and 50 mm OD.
  • Additional engineering on sealing integrity and swaging action.
  • Re-usable and predictable quality.
  • Gaugable.
  • Excellent leak-free sealing integrity on heavy vibration, vacuum, and impulse.
  • Heat-Code Traceability.
  • No torque transferring to connective tubing during installation


Metric DK-Lok tube fitting has stepped shoulder on the body and nut hex. A shaped fitting such as tee, elbow, and cross forging has such a step on the body as well.

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