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The REGAL™ Gas Chlorinator is used to chlorinate water, wastewater, and industrial process water with gas chlorine. The simple, efficient design has made REGAL™ Gas Chlorinators the industry standard. Built with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant parts, REGAL™ Chlorinators provide safe, long-lasting service.

These gas chlorinators can be used for almost any water chlorinating process.

Minimal Maintenance

Precision Machining & Calibration

Corrosion-Resistant Parts

Direct Valve Mounting


Gas Chlorinators:

• Mount directly to the valves of approved gas manifold assemblies.
• Employ the same safe operating principle: chlorine is drawn through the regulator and metering panel by a vacuum created by water being forced under pressure through an ejector nozzle.
• Their simple design uses fewer parts than competitive units; all parts are designed for maximum strength and are made of corrosion-resistant or corrosion-proof materials.
• They do not require cabinets, therefore they save space.
• They are quick and easy to service and maintain.
• They can be used in multi-point applications.
• Automatic switchover models are available.


Dual scale metering tubes are provided with the following maximum
capacities. Minimum feed rate is 1/20th of maximum.
Model 210 - 4, 10, 25, 50 or 100 PPD (75, 200, 500, 900
or 2000 gms/hr)
Model 220 - 250 PPD (5 kg/hr)
Model 250 - 500 PPD (10 kg/hr)
Manually adjustable by means of a flow rate control valve located at the
top of the flow meter. Flow rate is then regulated by a special springopposed diaphragm operated valve. The system is automatic. It will go
off and on as the ejector water is turned off and on and will return to
the pre-set flow rate.
The standard ejector is designed to withstand static back pressure up
to 200 psig (14.1 kg/cm2
The amount of water required to operate the ejector depends upon
the chlorine feed rate, water back pressure and water supply pressure
available. Generally, the higher the chlorine flow and higher back
pressure, the greater the water flow is required.


The REGAL Gas Chlorinator mounts directly on the cylinder, which is a major safety factor. From the moment chlorine gas leaves the cylinder until it enters the water, it only comes in contact with highly advanced, corrosion-resistant materials. When a REGAL is directly mounted on a cylinder there are no pressure lines.

Should anything happen to cause a break in any part of the system, the vacuum will be lost. With no vacuum, the spring on the inlet safety valve snaps the valve shut, stopping the gas supply immediately and automatically. The REGAL system does not operate under pressure from the chlorine gas cylinder. Instead, water is forced through the ejector nozzle creates a vacuum. The vacuum pulls on an extremely tough and resilient diaphragm which pushes open a spring-loaded inlet safety shut-off valve. The vacuum draws the gas from the cylinder, through the regulator, into high-strength vacuum tubing, and into the ejector where it is diffused into the water being treated. The all-vacuum REGAL system makes gas chlorination very safe.

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